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Growing Gorillas

Growing Gorillas

In our Growing Gorillas room we have 28 children with a ratio of 1 adult to every 8 children. We aim to prepare your children for the transfer from a nursery into a school environment. To do this we need your help and support.

Our main aims are listed below:

Manners – they cost nothing but mean so much.
Independence – this includes dressing themselves i.e. socks, shoes, coats and zips and being able to change items of clothing.
Toileting – practicing basic hygiene.
Respect – most important of all, teaching your children how to play with their friends i.e. sharing and taking turns.

There are many things we have set in place to help your children develop their independence.


Our Growing Gorillas room is located on a different level to the rest of the nursery and therefore children must be competent on the stairs. We strongly encourage the children to walk in single file going up and down the stairs, holding on to the banister at all times. This is to reduce the risk them having an accident.
We encourage them to count the stairs as they go, we have numbers on each step made out of recycled coffee cups.

Coat Pegs

Your child’s coat peg and shoe/slipper cubby hole is located at either the top or the bottom of the stairs. We ask that they place their slippers in here so they know where they are when they return.
Please check regularly on your child’s spare clothes bag and refill as and when required. Naming your child’s clothes makes life easier when they go missing!

Signing In and Out

The staff sign your child in and out of the nursery, but we do ask that you touch base with us when dropping off and picking up your child.

Children’s Tray

Each child has a named tray where they can put art work or any belongings they wish to take home. We encourage the children to empty their trays at the end of each day. Also in their tray there is a box with their name labels in, this is the only thing that remains at nursery. These labels allow the children to name their own work.

Our Adopted Animal

Our adopted animal is a Gorilla, hence why we are called the Growing Gorillas. We also have a soft toy holiday Gorilla of the same name, Badongo. Along with a diary he comes with you in the hope to have his photo taken and enjoy a nice break. His diary can be as short or as long as you wish. When your child returns from holiday they can share the fun they had with the rest of the group.

Occasionally we may also send our gorillas home for a weekend of fun and games!

Meal Times

The children help set up the tables for lunch and are encouraged to serve themselves. They are encouraged to use their knife and fork and their spoon for pudding. The children also pour their own water.

Forest School

Forest school is an inspirational process that offers regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence, skills and self-esteem through hands on experience in a natural environment.

The children love exploring during their visits to the zoo and scavenge for twigs, sticks and anything they can bring back to be creative with!

In forest school –

We learn.. about fire safety as we toast marshmallows over our fire.

We learn.. how to safely use tools as we cut, drill and bang nails into wood.

We learn.. how to be creative as we turn nature into art.

We learn.. how to appreciate our natural environment and how to care for all that lives in it.

Animal Encounters

Once a week a group will go into the zoo and learn about a specific animal with a formal education officer. We also have access behind the scenes where we can see the food being grown and prepared for the animals.


We try to visit the zoo as much as possible so the children can learn and explore. Unfortunately we are unable to go in as much as the younger children since we are on a 1 adult to 8 ratio indoors and 1 adult to 6 children when we go out. This doesn’t stop us having lots of fun in the garden!

Show and Tell

A memo will be posted on Tapestry to inform you of your child’s show and tell day. They can choose a toy or something special to them to bring into nursery and share with their friends.


Children are very welcome to bring in a familiar toy or comforter when they first move up to Growing Gorillas. Other than that we advise not to bring toys from home into the nursery as more often than not these get lost.


We have swimming lessons on a Friday at the Aquasplash and are collected and dropped off via minibus. Please ensure your child is wearing easy loose clothing on this day.

The group lessons are structured by one of the lead swim teachers, utilising weekly themes and covering a range of swim skills to build confidence in the water and start to develop basic swim skills.

The group will have the use of the leisure pool and will be allocated x2 qualified swim teachers. The children will be divided into 2 groups with a teaching ratio of 1:6 dependent on their swimming ability.

We will need the children to bring along the following:

  • Swimming costume 
  • Goggles 
  • Towel 
  • Aquasplash will issue a hat, if they don’t already have one

The swim teachers will conduct an assessment for the children ahead of identifying the pool area and group they will swim in.


This takes place on the last Thursday of Summer term. This is for all children that are leaving to go on to a school environment. Parents and family members are very welcome to attend to watch your child graduate. We celebrate by having a party in the garden.

To Bring

We ask you to provide the following items, which will benefit your child –

1. Two spare sets of named clothes.
2. Wellington boots named.
3. Warm winter coat named.
5. Slippers named.

We provide –

1. Waterproof trousers and jackets.
2. Summer and winter hats.

Please remember that we like having lots of fun and getting messy, so don’t send your child in their best clothes!