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Frequently asked questions:

    About The Nursery

  • What is the staff to child ratio?
  • 0-2yrs - 1 adult to every 3 children
    2-3yrs – 1 adult to every 4 children
    3-5yrs – 1 adult to every 8 children
  • How many children are in each class?
  • 0-2yrs – 24 children
    2-3yrs – 28 children
    3-5yrs – 28 children
  • How many children are in the whole nursery?
  • There are 80 children at Cheeky Monkeys.
  • What is the age range?
  • 3 months – school age.
  • Is your nursery appropriate for children with learning or physical disabilities?
  • Yes, we have a chair lift for any children that are unable to manage the stairs.
  • Will my child receive their own keyworker?
  • Yes, each child is assigned a keyworker. The keyworker is responsible for the child’s Tapestry journal, to liaise with and to feed back to parents upon collection.
  • When will my child move up to the next room?
  • We have four rooms here at Cheeky Monkeys –
    Little Lemurs - 0-2 years
    Baby Bears - 0-2 years
    Mini Meerkats - 2-3 years
    Growing Gorillas - 3-5 years
    Sometimes your child may move earlier if they are developmentally ready. If the next room up is already full then your child will have to wait until the older children move on to school.
  • What time do the children eat?
  • Morning snack – 9.15am
    Lunch – 12.00pm
    Afternoon snack – 2.15pm
    Tea – 4.00pm
  • Opening Hours

  • How many weeks of the year are you open for?
  • 7.45am-5.30pm x51 weeks of the year.
  • Are you open on Bank Holidays?
  • No, we are closed on all bank holidays plus Battle of Britain day.
  • Nursery Procedures

  • Do you let the children nap? How often?
  • Anytime and for however long they like, unless advised otherwise.
  • What is the procedure in case of an accident?
  • An accident form is filled out and signed by the staff member present and a parent at collection time. All staff are first aid trained and this is updated every 3 years. All staff are trained in Safeguarding, which is updated every year. Staff must also complete their Level 2 Food Hygiene, once every two years.
  • Do you keep daily diaries for the children?
  • We use Tapestry as your child’s learning journey. You will be given a password to access your child’s journey.
  • Do you take photos of the children? Where are these photos used?
  • Yes, a form is in your contract to sign if you are happy for us to take photos.
  • Childs Needs

  • Do I need to bring spare clothes, wipes and nappies?
  • Yes, please bring 2 pairs of named spare clothes plus wipes and nappies if needed. We also sell these at the nursery.
  • Does my child need to bring a packed lunch or snacks?
  • No, our in-house chef caters for everyone. This includes a home cooked meal every day plus snacks.
  • Does all clothing need to be named?
  • Yes, where possible. We provide a bag for your child’s spare clothing.
  • What else does my child need?
  • Slippers and Wellies. We also have a 'Wellie Swap' that you are welcome to use!
  • At what age does my child have to be potty trained?
  • Every child is different. We will work with your child, if you are doing the same thing at home.
  • Placement

  • How do I secure a place for my child?
  • Please fill out the online application form and we will be in touch.
  • Are younger siblings guaranteed a place?
  • Not always but we do try our best.
  • When do places become available?
  • Anytime of the year.
  • What is the minimum attendance?
  • Two afternoons or three mornings.
  • Induction Phase

  • What is the induction process when my child starts nursery?
  • We do a week of induction sessions extending the sessions every day. This is for a minimum of three sessions, however we have no maximum, we judge it on how well your child is settling.
  • Sickness

  • What do I do if my child is poorly?
  • Please judge whether your child is well enough to attend nursery. Please call the nursery to inform us if your child be not be attending.
  • Can my child attend nursery on antibiotics?
  • Children must be off nursery for 48 hours after their first dose of medicine. Yes, we can give your child medicine if it is prescribed by the doctor. You will have to fill in and sign the medical consent form.
  • How long does my child have to be off if they are sick?
  • They must be off 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.
  • Can you give my child calpol if they are unwell or have a temperature?
  • If we have prescribed calpol at nursery we will call you for permission to administer x1 dose. If there is no improvement after one hour, you will be asked to collect your child.
  • My child has asthma, can you give them their inhaler?
  • We must have a letter from your doctor stating the dosage and when it is required.
  • Can my child attend nursery with conjunctivitis?
  • There is no exclusion period as long as it is being treated with warm water and cotton wool. If there is no improvement within 3 days, please see your GP.
  • What is the exclusion period for chickenpox?
  • The exclusion period from nursery is a minimum of 5 days or until the last spot has healed over.
  • Is there an exclusion period for hand, foot and mouth disease?
  • There is no official exclusion period unless your child has a temperature, however it is very contagious. Exclusion may be considered in some circumstances, for example if a large number of children have been affected.
  • Can my child come to nursery with head lice?
  • There is no exclusion period for head lice if it is being treated. This consists of regular combing and treatment every day if live lice or eggs are found.


  • Do you offer the 30 free hours?
  • Yes, we do.
  • How does the NEF funding work?
  • Your child can receive up to 30 hours’ free education each week, for 38 weeks, during school term-time only. The fees are calculated from September – July, when the funding stops. If you wish your child to continue until the end of August/September you will be charged the regular hourly rate.
  • Why can't I have my deposit back?
  • The deposit covers your child’s induction days and the paperwork/admin involved.
  • How are the fees paid? Can I pay annually? Can I pay monthly by cheque?
  • Fees are paid by standing order on or before the 28th of the month, for the month ahead. Cheques and cash will not be accepted.
  • Can I pay by the hour?
  • No.
  • Can I do term time only?
  • No.
  • Do I still have to pay if I go on holiday?
  • Yes.
  • Is there a discount for siblings?
  • No.
  • How much notice do I have to give?
  • You must give two months written notice.
  • Can I give my sessions to my friend?
  • No.
  • Can I change my sessions if I need to?
  • Yes, we require one month’s notice to change regular sessions.
  • Visiting / Collection

  • Can I visit the nursery?
  • Please call 860086 or email [email protected] to check if we are offering show arounds, at this current time.
  • Is there parking?
  • Yes, as you drive into the zoo there is a carpark immediately on your right-hand side. Park in here and you will see our Cheeky Monkey sign above the front gate. Please press the buzzer and look into the camera. Wear your wellies as it does get muddy!
  • Can I call to check on my child?
  • You can call the nursery at any time on 860086.
  • Can anybody access the nursery?
  • No, we have a security door and camera. Everyone entering the nursery must be buzzed in by a member of staff who can see them on a screen.
  • Can my friends and family pick up?
  • Yes but we require the name and photographs of the person beforehand. They must bring photo ID upon collection.
  • Running Late

  • What happens if I am running late at pick up time?
  • During the day your regular hourly rate will be charged. After 5.30pm the cost is £30 per 15 minutes.
  • Can I drop off late and pick up early?
  • Yes of course, however you are still charged for the whole session.
  • Outside Activities / Travel

  • Do you take the children on outings?
  • Yes, we go to the zoo as often as possible.
  • What transport do you use for outings?
  • We hire a minibus for our Growing Gorillas swimming lessons at the Aquasplash.
  • Do the children do any other activities?
  • Yes, our under 3’s learn sing-signing.
  • How often do the children play outside?
  • Every day is different but often we play outside more than inside.
  • What do you do if it's raining and cold?
  • We wrap the children and staff up in splash suits and we all love playing outside in the rain.
  • Do I have to bring waterproofs and wellies for my child?
  • We provide waterproofs if needed but please bring your own, if you have them. We do ask that the children have a pair of wellies to keep at nursery.